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FREE Spays and Neuters!

The Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County has received a grant from the Maryland Department of Agriculture that’s allowing us to offer free spays and neuters to residents of our community! All you’ll have to do it come visit us at the shelter and fill out an application. Make sure you bring your government issued ID and either proof of income OR proof of government assistance. This is an income based grant, so your household must make less than $49,000 a year. We will contact you upon approval, and you will then have 30 days to make an appointment at Spay Now in Grasonville.

Not sure if it’s a good idea to spay or neuter your pets? Well, we promise you that spaying and neutering has many health and behavior benefits. Your pets will live longer, and healthier lives. Spayed females are less likely to develop uterine infections and breast tumors. Mind you, breast tumors are cancerous 50% of the time in dogs, and 90% of the time in cats! She will also not go into heat, which means no loud yowling for a mate, and no excess urination (especially all over your house). Neutering your male pet will prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems. He will be less likely to run away from home, seeing as an intact male will do anything to find a mate. He’ll also be less likely to mark his territory, mount people/inanimate objects, and even some aggressive behaviors can be avoided if neutered early enough. Healthy dogs and cats can be spayed/neutered as early as 8 weeks!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions! We’re open Sunday-Wednesday 11am-5pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-6pm. You can stop by the shelter, give us a call at 410-827-7178, or shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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