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Frequent Questions


How long do animals remain up for adoption?

Although most of our animals are adopted within one or two weeks, there is no limit to the length of time that animals remain available for adoption. In some cases, we may care for an animal for several days, weeks or months. We closely monitor dogs, cats and little critters that remain at our shelter for an extended time and give them enrichment activities to minimize their stress.

May I adopt a pet as a gift for someone else?

Adopting a pet is a personal lifestyle decision. All potential adopters are carefully screened by our Adoptions Coordinators to ensure that the pet and adopter, as well as other animals in the home, are a good match. If you’re considering adopting a pet as a gift, we recommend that you sponsor an AWL adoptable in their name instead.

I’m looking for a certain breed. Can you tell me if you have one available for adoption?

The breeds of animals that we have available varies daily based on the animals that we have coming in and the animals that are adopted. If you are interested in a dog or cat of a certain breed please call or email us and we will add you to our “Looking For” list so that we can contact you in the case that your perfect match comes in to the shelter!

What does a dog/cat adoption include?

All of the cats and dogs on our adoption floor have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, given appropriate blood tests (FeLV for cats and heartworm for dogs), and microchipped!


Is AWL a “no-kill” shelter?

AWLQAC's mission is to strive to be a no-kill animal shelter. This means that any animal that comes in to our shelter which is healthy or medically and behaviorally able to be rehabilitated will get a chance to be adopted. This mission is complicated by the fact that we are open admission for this county, so we cannot turn any QAC animal away. To maintain this no-kill status we rely heavily on our network of fosters and volunteers to ensure animals are constantly being made more adoptable and moved out of the shelter. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or foster please email or give us a call!

How many animals do you take in each year? Each day?

The AWL currently takes in approximately 1,000 animals per year. The number of animals we take in daily varies from season to season. During the spring and summer months (the canine and feline breeding seasons), we can receive as many as 5-10 animals per day. During winter months, we average 15-20 animals per month.

I have a litter of puppies/kittens. Can I surrender them to you for adoption?

Puppies and kittens must be at least 8 weeks old and weigh two pounds before they can be spayed/neutered and put up for adoption. We ask that you keep the puppies/kittens until they are old enough and weigh enough to be put up for adoption. If you cannot keep them until they are old enough to be adopted, we do accept animals of any age.

I can no longer care for my pet. Can I bring him/her to AWL for adoption by another family?

If you find yourself in this position, we always recommend that you surrender your pet to a shelter only as your last option. Instead, tell your friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers that you need to find a new home for your pet. You’re likely to have positive results through this type of networking.

If you must surrender your pet to the shelter we do request a donation per animal or litter you are surrendering. This donation helps us cover the many costs associated with providing quality care for every animal turned in to us. Please contact us for more information.

Feral Cats

Can you remove the trapped/feral cats in my neighborhood?

No. We do not trap stray cats, but we will accept them at the shelter. We do not charge a fee to anyone who brings us feral and/or trapped cats for surrender.


Can I volunteer with AWL?

Yes! We’re always seeking volunteers to help in a variety of areas including admissions, adoptions, dog walkers and groomers. And we can always use volunteers to help us with clerical services, special events, and to provide foster-care homes for recovering sick and injured animals. Please see the Volunteer Section for more information on how you can help at the AWL.

Lost & Found

My pet is missing… what should I do?

We understand the feeling that comes with discovering your pet is lost. AWL utilizes a variety of social media site and emails threads if a missing animal is recovered. We would suggest that you look into ours and start to follow them just in case something like this happens.

I found a lost dog or cat in my neighborhood. How can I find his or her family?

Looking here is a good start. If you’ve found a pet, chances are, someone’s worried sick and desperate to find him. For advice on how you can help reunite a lost pet and his family, we would suggest giving us a call.