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About Sponsoring A Pet

Sponsor an animal through our Buddy Program. If a special animal touches your heart, you can specify which animal you wish to personally sponsor, and you can be that animal’s “buddy”. For any amount over $10/month you will receive updates on that animal and pictures so you can promote on your own social media pages.

When your buddy is adopted, your monthly donations stop, until you find a new “buddy” to sponsor. Animals can have more than one “buddy” so no need to worry that your favorite animal is already taken. This is a great way to help out those special animals that touch your heart, but can’t quite fit in your home.

Sponsor a Pet

Want to sponsor a specific animal? Include instructions at checkout.

Sponsor A Pet

Sponsoring as a Corporation

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Amazon Smile offers the AWLQAC .05% of all purcahses made through their site at no cost to the consumer, check out Amazon Smile today and help out the AWLQAC!