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Our Staff

Suzanne Hogan, Executive Director

Susan Hogan

Suzanne has been working with Queen Anne’s County nonprofit and community organizations for nearly 20 years. A former Fellow with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, she’s written, won and managed nearly $1,000,000 in state, Federal, and foundation grant funds to support the work of county nonprofits and agencies.

Here at AWL she oversees day-to-day business operations, strategic planning, fundraising and development, marketing, volunteer management, and staff/board/community relations. Suzanne is a lifelong equestrian, who lives in Stevensville with her husband, two kids, two dogs, rabbit and kitten.

Suzanne can be reached at or 410-827-7178 x 11.

Scarlett Moffatt, Community Coordinator

Scarlett Moffat

Scarlett was born and raised in the Midwest and grew up surrounded by a menagerie of animals. Along with dogs, cats and parakeets, the family had room for what appeared to be preparation for the Ark. There were Spider monkeys, a Chimpanzee, several parrots, macaws, a raccoon, and an armadillo. When she had children of her own the list grew to include hedgehogs, bugs, snakes and ducks. The family moved to Maryland a dozen years ago with three cats, a Basset Hound and three Italian Greyhounds that were adopted as litter mates.

Here at AWL, Scarlett is building our volunteer program and strengthening relationships with youth, faith, and veteran and other community organizations.

Scarlett can be reached at or 410-827-7178.

Taylor Lefebvre, Animal Placement Coordinator

Taylor Lefebvre

Taylor comes to AWL from New Jersey, with a background in business management and high volume customer service. Here at the shelter she gets to meld her business experience with her passion for animal welfare.

At AWL Taylor is responsible for matching adopters with their new furry family members. She also recruits and networks foster families to support shelter animals prior to adoption.

Taylor can be reached at or 410-827-7178 x 20.

Megan O’Donnell, Medical Coordinator

Megan O’Donnell

Megan started at AWL several years ago while pursuing her Veterinary Assistant degree and now serves as our Medical Coordinator. Megan’s job here at AWL is to work with the shelter veterinarian and shelter manager to ensure that the animals of the shelter receive proper medical treatment and to manage our spay/neuter grant program.

Megan can be reached at or 410-827-7178 x 14.

Front Office & Care Takers

Angela Grimes

Angela Grimes, Adminstrative Assistant

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole, Cat Care Supervisor

Dillon Cole

Dillon Cole, Animal Caretaker

Kaitlyn Windsor

Kaitlyn Windsor, Animal Caretaker

Mandy Mendez

Mandy Mendez, Animal Caretaker

Joan Oliver

Joan Oliver, Animal Caretaker