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Do you know what FIV is?

That’s one of the first things I ask potential adopters when they meet these three sweet boys. Garbanzo Bean, Grayson, and Ernie have one big thing in common (aside from their residence in our adoption managers office) - all three have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as FIV or feline AIDS. That particular name makes FIV sound pretty scary; it might leave you picturing a sickly cat that needs daily medication but will probably pass away pretty quickly no matter what you do.I’m happy to report that couldn’t be more wrong.

An FIV diagnosis simply means that these boys have a below-average immune system. If they get sick, they could be a little sicker and they could be sick longer. However, on a regular basis they’re happy and healthy cats, not on any special medications, and they have a life expectancy pretty comparable to a non-FIV carrying cat (it’s possible that they could have a couple of years shaved off at the very end, but there’s no reason to panic - they’ll live a long and fulfilled life.)

The key with FIV is prevention. Regular vet visits are necessary for any pet, but they are especially crucial for keeping your FIV+ kitties in tip-top shape. Also, keeping these cats indoors only is a must to limit their exposure to viruses and bacteria.All in all, when you adopt an FIV+ cat, you’re guaranteed a lifetimes worth of love and happiness, just the same as if you adopted a cat that tested negative.

So swing by and see these boys sometime soon; they adore visitors.

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